Saturday, September 17, 2011

This page will disclose all the filming locations seen in the beginning of the movie Labyrinth.

In May of 2011 I had decided to look for the filming locations for the movie Labyrinth, assuming it was going to be a simple google research task. Well, not exactly.
The web was full of misinformation about where those short scenes of Sarah running back home were really shot.
What I found out is that there were more fans of the movie looking for these locations, especially for the mysterious park at the beginning of the movie.
Early September, I found out that "TheTreviOwl" had just found the park after extensive research. It was the real deal, the exact park where Sarah stood with Merlin and it was really in England. - THANKS "TheTreviOwl"!!!
At this point I had knowledge of only the most known filming locations in the US: Nyack and Piermont, NY and two other locations were still missing. I felt hopeless.
But after finding out that the park was finally found, I had to look a little further, maybe not in Nyack and Piermont this time, but somewhere around that area. About five minutes researching on bing maps, I saw the two missing locations left: the houses where Sarah passed by on her way home.
Well, here they are!
If you wanna know were the park is and where Sarah passed by on her way home just scroll down and follow the lipstick marks I drew on the pictures.  ;)

Have fun!

Filming location # 1 - The park

West Wycombe Park, Buckinghamshire, England
Picture cortesy of The TreviOwl:

Filming location # 2 - North Nyack

The Village Hall on Broadway St - Upper Nyack, NY.